What Passes for Summer Reading?

It was a tough decision, selecting our 2019 Summer Selection. Ultimately, I had to be true to the mission of this book group. I don’t go for hot titles or aerobic authors because I believe books brought to you must be truly worth your time and enriching to discuss. Plus, you are going to read Where the Crawdad Sings anyways.

The selection process was difficult. Take a look at this contender:

Harry Potter Fans will recognize this Hogwarts required reading.

Harry Potter Fans will recognize this Hogwarts required reading.

I tried to slip this classic, The Book of Monsters, into my bag at Book Expo in New York this past week, but the minute I reached out, it bit bit me. So no monster book.

And, although, Fiona Davis’ Chelsea Girls and Laura Prescott’s The Secrets They Kept brake the rules on the book-worthiness scale, both did look interesting because I was judging the book by its cover. And frankly, sometimes, the cover does reveal a good story.



But I wasn’t convinced.

Thus, a small book, perched on my bookshelf, kept coming to mind. Going with my instinct, I feel the time is right.

Chapter Endnotes 2019 Summer Selection

Chapter Endnotes 2019 Summer Selection

Slim in size but powerful in its message, Passing by Nella Larsen meets every requirement for a quality, thought-provoking reading experience. Hope you will enjoy.

Looking forward to an exciting event this fall that will include A Gentleman in Moscow’s Amor Towles. Stay tuned for details!

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Happy Summer Reading!