Too Much Fun for My Pyloric Valve!

I gotta say, I've been working with WJCT's Melissa Ross and Sean Birch for almost four years now. I've seen a lot of interesting individuals walk into the studio and sit for a chat. 

However, last week was an absolute doozy and almost blew my pyloric valve back to Moorish times. 

It was rip-roaring fun to have Miss Trixie of Levy Pants right there in the studio, complete with her bag of rags and strings. The real Miss Trixie, who was coaxed from her retirement to appear on First Coast Connect hosted by Melissa Ross. Miss Trixie, who is an integral character from the pages of John Kennedy Toole's masterpiece A Confederacy of Dunces, spent my segment falling asleep on the mic, calling our for Gloria and handing her socks in various places en studio.  If you think brilliantly like me and enjoyed CofD, then you would have appreciated this public display of National Public Radio indignity! I

I am incredibly fortunate that Lucy Cortese, my mentor, former head hauncho and my fearless leader at Tree Hill Nature Center and now member of my book group, agreed to channel Miss Trixie and take it to the search of her ham. 

It takes a certain sensibility to love CodD. Not only did Lucy, a published author, adore Ignatius rumpus and appreciate the brilliance of the message, she Lee Strassberged Miss Trixie to the max, a performance worthy of a Paradise vendor hot dog. 

Thank you to TV Jax for filming this truly literary moment during the First Coast Connect Book Club.