When is the next book club meeting?

The 2019-20 Chapter Endnotes Season dates are being amended due to Hurricane Dorian. Stay tuned.

                                                             Day                Time         

Chapter 2 | Afternoons           Wed              11:45 am                  FULL

Chapter 3  | Afternoons                 Thu              11:30 am                  FULL

Chapter 4   |  Night Readers        Wed               6:30 pm              FULL

Chapter 5   |  Beach Bibliophiles     Mon              11:00 am                 

Chapter 6   |  WJCT@San Marco Books & More    Tue    6:30 pm  

Chapter 7   |    The Coves Lit Review       Thu      2:30 pm                FULL



If your choice isn't available, we can add you to our waiting list? If you have a group of readers, 10 or more, and are interested in forming your own Chapter of Chapter Endnotes, let us know. Fill out the form, below.  Thank you.

One more thing, we are always looking for new titles. Let us know what you are reading.

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